Ways to buy coffee beans

Ways to buy coffee beans

Coffee bean can be bought either on super market selves, sometimes in a cafe or online! Getting coffee bean from super market selves as you get your groceries can be convenient and a lot people do that as well, but the thing about super market is that coffee beans made a long journey to be there, and a lot of the time the bean has past its peak freshness and you lost a lot of value of tasting the best of the coffee. Coffee bean on super market also lacks a lot of details such as the origin of the beans. 

Sometimes you local cafe or Starbucks sells coffee beans, you can get them whole bean or grind. One advantage of getting from a local cafe is that you can taste a cuppa first because you decide to buy. However sometimes you may not be able to yield the same taste profile as your favourite barista. There are a lot of reasons to this, mainly:

  1. Brewing method- you could be doing hand drip while cafes normally for productivity will use espresso machine. Already here you have different grind level due to the brewing method which can yield different taste profiles.
  2. Dealing in daily - even if you have an espresso machine at home, you have to understand professional baristas dial in to their machine every day. Every morning they will try out a few cups (mostly wasted) of espresso with different timing and maybe grind size especially for blends.
  3. Equipment - because cafe brews hundred of cups of coffee every day,  they bought high end equipment that are more durable. such professional equipment may include grinder and espresso machines; but even specialty cafe like Starbucks Reserve uses better scale for hand drip. 
  4. Training - just like in the movie Top Gun, its not the plane but the pilot. And baristas have better training and experience than you. 


While you can check out a coffee bean at your cafe, online shops like Homeday offers starter packs for you to test out our coffee at discounted price and at a smaller packaging so you can try out our coffee beans. We aim to bring in more beans so you will have more chances to experience with even more coffee beans in future. We also offer subscription service so that you get your coffee fix daily without worry about running out of coffee.