V60 Hand brew method

V60 Hand brew method


V60 is the most popular hand brewing method today. 


Brewer Model: V60 01 glass or 02 metal

Filter Model: Hario "Tabbed", Cafec T-90 (also known as "medium dark roast filter") or Abaca

Ratio: 18:300(for size 01), 22:374(for size 02)

Total Brewing Time: 3:00-4:30 minutes

Brew Temperature: 97℃(93°C for low grown or less dense naturals)

Grind setting: 21-24clicks on Comandante


If there is a problem in any cone shaped brewer, it is likely the uneven bed depth.

The center point (origin of the circle, from a bird’s-eye-view) is the deepest part of the cone and the coffee bed gets shallower as it gets closer to the outermost area. Usually, optimal pour height and pour rate depend on bed depth, hence the uneven bed depth can be a cause of uneven extraction. You will under-extract the deeper area if your pour height/rate is not high enough to disturb the deeper ground bed. On the other hand you'll create channels if your pour height is too high for the shallower area or you pour onto the shallower/outer area too much.

For even pre-wetting (also known as blooming), we recommend digging the dry ground bed and creating a swirl in the middle of the ground bed with your finger or plastic/metal stick beforehand.

For each pulse, start pouring from outermost area in a circular outside-in motion to get particles in the outer area into the slurry, then continue pouring mainly onto the center area in a circular motion and finish with a brief center focused pour. Your optimal pour height for V60 would be relatively higher than your optimal pour height  for a flat bottom brewer due to the deeper bed depth of V60’s center area.

To get the ground bed disturbed deeply, make sure that your pour rate is just enough to avoid letting droplets appear in the stream, especially when you are pouring onto the center area. You can pour relatively gently onto the outer areas when start main pouring. We recommend higher pour height for higher dose.



1. Brew your water to around 94°C

2. Start with a medium fine grind, make sure that there are no visible boulders in your ground. Different grinder gives you different grind size, the rule of thumb is to make sure your grind size is around the size of table sugar. If the brew came out too bitter for your liking, try to coarser grind next time.

3. Grab your filter, place it on the filter, and pour your pre-heated water over it just to preheat the filter and remove any smell from the paper. 

Rinsing the filter

4. Add your grounds, shake it a bit to make the bed flatten.

Flat coffee ground bed

5. Start the timer on the scale and pour in about 2x the weight of your beans. Wait and bloom for up to 40 seconds.

The Rao spin in pre-wetting phase

6. Pour the rest of the brew water in 2 phases. Pour brew water continuously and gently in a circular motion to hit 60% of the total brew water weight within 20-40seconds, then spin the brewer(phase 1).

Main pouring onto the center area

7. Wait 20-30seconds then pour the rest of the brew water like phase1, spin the brewer(phase 2).


8. Wait for the water to flow through completely.


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