About Us


Our founders are from sales and IT, they met met through their love for good food and coffee. We’ve had the privilege to travel to many places, experiencing a wide range of flavours and cultures and we absolutely love it! We’ve enjoy sharing these experiences with our friends and family.

Our journey to starting Homeday.co began during the covid-19 pandemic.

Like many of you, we were working from home everyday, getting adjusted to this new norm. Thanks to the internet and e-commerce, we were still able to have some sense of normal with this WFH setup, ordering in coffee, desserts, etc for both ourselves and our loved ones.

However, with the increasing inflow of e-commerce businesses.. we also experienced many disappointments in our orders, from the ordering and delivery process, to the quality of products ordered. Many didn’t leave a good taste in our mouths (literally and figuratively).

That’s when we thought if we could connect good quality products directly from the source to our end users; enabling them to consume amazing products at a good price - wouldn’t that be great?

We’ve made many good connections with manufacturers overseas as well as locally. We noticed that there were many vendors including really good local artisan coffee roasters, who lacked the marketing know-how and hence, not being able to have the outreach they deserve.

Hence the start of Homeday.co!

We would love to journey with you to uplift your standard of life, from the best start to your day all the way through to the best finish of your night - bringing you quality products to enjoy; whilst enabling you to do your part as you shop to help those in need.

Our warehouse staff in charge of packing all your orders are elderly from Kedah - from Sandy's hometown whom are looking for ways to supplement their income and still be of value in their old age.

Quality of life is all about balance, and we hope that you find that together with us at Homeday.co

Looking forward to serving you soon!