Tips to save money on your coffee

Everyone loves coffee, modern society can't do without coffee every morning. That means a lot of us are spending quite a portion of our income on this magical drink. Nonetheless, you can still pinch pennies and drink a cuppa, and we would like to share a few tips with you.

Brew your own coffee at home

That's one of the reason we started in the first place, we spent almost RM800 a month of drinking coffee at cafe, that work out to be quite a some. Below is a little table we worked out how much you can potentially save buying your own coffee bean. 

Buy from!

Where we delivery good quality coffee at good discounted price that cafe gets, plus for purchases above RM100, we will deliver to you FREE!

Buy whole bean, buy bulk and invest in grinder

Enough of sales talk, the best way to maximize your savings is buy bigger quantity such as 500g, but coffee beans loses some of its taste after sometime, especially if you order ground coffee bean. So the best strategy is to do your own grind everyday, and nothing is more satisfying that listen to the sound of beans getting grind in the morning and smell the aroma of freshly ground coffee. If you are in a hurry, try grinding it once every few days and store the balance in an air tight jar. You don't need expensive grinder to start with, get a simple one from us and start from there. 

Weight your coffee

To really stretch your budget and enjoy your coffee at the same time, get a coffee scale here and measure your drink. To maximize coffee extraction, you can measure about 16-18g for every 250ml cup of coffee for hand drip or 18-20g for 40ml for espresso.   

Sign up for a long term program with us

We offer 2 choices to optimize your savings on coffee bean

1. Sign up with our Coffee Lover Program

This is our VIP club for coffee lovers such as you, just pre-paid 3 or 6 months coffee supply at discount and we get our coffee ambassador to schedule delivery to you. 

2. Sign up subscription program

Inside each of our individual coffee product page, you can choose to pay by subscription, it will be charged to your credit card based on the frequency you want. This is long term relationship and one of the best way to get discount, and we will commit to no price change for at least 6 months plus you can cancel anytime.