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Miyama Ceremonial Matcha

Miyama Ceremonial Matcha

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Miyama Matcha a ceremonial matcha that truly lives up to its name, where a sip will transport you to the height of lush verdant mountains of Japan. Harvested from the single-estate Yabukita, the strict application of the shading process has produced this ceremonial grade Matcha. Its bright green sheen dictates the matcha’s quality as the natural sweetness comes through in a symphony of umami and bitterness. 

Delving deeper, this ceremonial matcha carries an undertone of pistachios and ends with a smooth, creamy mouthfeel. 
We recommend using Miyama to craft Usucha (Pure Matcha Tea) and Matcha Latte to taste it's optimum quality.


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    My first Homeday product was coffee bean gifted from a friend. I've been ordering from them every month since!

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    Coffee lover and a satisfied customer

    so far. I hope you have more products soon. Save a lot of hassles and super convenient with subscription ~

  • Crystal Lam

    I started my journey with with their best seller bean "Morning Shine" and it never fail to impress me! If you are like me, prefer a lesser acidity coffee in the morning, you should start your day with Morning Shine!

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